Watch: How To Nose Bonk on a MTB

Today Blake’s got a tutorial on how to do a ‘Nose Press’ or a ‘Nose Bonk’ on the trails. It’s not necessarily a trick that will help you gain speed on the trails, but it’s a demonstration of control, skills and style.

First off, find yourself a flat bit of ground, roll in with a bit of speed and practice your rear wheel lifts. Keep the front wheel on the ground throw your hips forward and feather the front brake to stay in control. Curl your feet on the pedals in a scooping motion to help pull the back end of the bike off the floor (this is more apparent if you ride flat pedals).

After perfecting that you can practice ‘bonking’ the front wheel on an obstacle.This requires you to bunny hop, and drop the nose of the bike into the obstacle whilst moving the rear of the bike away from it with a similar scooping motion that you practiced earlier. Start with small obstacles and work your way up to bigger ones!

After working on small obstacles you can progress the trick further by finding a tabletop jump, preloading the bike into the ground and really curl the feet, push the hips forward and pull the bike off the ground before the lip. By doing this and pushing the front end down you will begin to dial in the perfect nose presses! You can progress the trick further by practicing on drops, rollers and larger obstacles.

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