Watch: MTB Fails, Bails, and Techy Trails with Seth’s Bike Hacks

The Singletrack Sampler and Seth's Bike Hacks tackle some techy trails in Fruita... and not always successfully!

We’re back at it again in Grand Junction, CO for another awesome ride and this time we are at the Kokopelli trail center riding the Horsethief Trail!

Today I take Seth to meet the Horsethief Bench, one of the most infamously techy starts to a trail in the country, one that I myself only met last year for the first time. After seeing how good Seth is at reading line choices blind on the rock roll on the Ribbon trail, I had a fun idea of letting him roll into this gnarly rock mess without giving him any beta to see how he would fare. I think the result speaks volumes for just how crazy this spot is!

In addition to the Bench entrance this trail has loads of fun tough and techy spots to session, so you better believe we stopped and challenged ourselves to clean everything! I continued to surprise myself and give into the peer pressure of Seth as we proved just how beneficial it can be to ride with other good riders that will push your limits.

Overall we had another amazing ride and yet again an amazing crew including my friends Sheyn (aka the Crashing Dad on Youtube) and Spencer which always makes for an even more fun ride.

I’m so pumped on how this road trip is shaping up, and can’t wait to share more with you all.

Until then… LFRHGS!


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