Watch: The Mountain Biker’s Guide to Moab

It’s officially Spring, and you know what that means? It’s time to plan your next MTB adventure!

In 2016 I was lucky to find myself riding trails all across the United States. Because of that, I get a ton of messages and comments asking for recommendations on to take the next MTB vacation.

Today, I’m starting a series aimed at sharing my favorite mountain bike destinations from my travels. I’ll tell you all about what made my experience there so great as well as information on the must ride trails, campsites you can stay at, where to get the best food and beer, fun activities off the bike, and even some sneaky pro tips I found along the way.

For our first ever episode, we’ll be taking a look at a well known riding mecca of the United States: Moab, Utah.
Moab, although is no secret as a mtb destination, holds a special place on my list because it was the first trip that I took with both Brian from BXKC and Seth of Seth’s Bike Hacks. This was the trip where we all realized how well we jelled and really opened our eyes to the amazing possibilties for not just our future YouTube collaborations, but also to our new found friendship. This, combined with some of the most technical and unique single track I have ever ridden made for one hell of an epic mountain bike trip.

The must have ride here is without a doubt The Whole Enchilada. Touting the lofty title of one of the world’s greatest rides, The Whole Enchilada absolutely delivered – and we didn’t even get to ride the entire thing! With an astounding 8,000 feet of descent and everything from high alpine to sandstone canyon, fast and smooth to technical and gnarly, The Whole Enchilada is an amazingly diverse ride that showcases everything Moab has to offer.

Speaking of things to offer – Being an established ride destination does have its perks. Moab has amazing facilities that helped me get by on a low budget the first time I visited with my brother. In addition to plenty of free camping on BLM land outside of town, Moab has an awesome Public library that I was able to use for internet and work. Moab also has a pretty great dirt jump set and skate park right in town so that you can properly get injured before even heading to the trail.

For those of you with a family, Moab may be especially appealing due to the plethora of activities to keep the groms busy while your out shredding. I recommend checking out the awesome National Parks available at Arches and Canyonlands. For an especially dope view head up to the Delicate Arch at sunset and grab a seat: the show is amazing. Another hike I thoroughly enjoyed was the one to the Morning Glory Land bridge. This hike is outside the National parks so there is no fee, and includes some pretty stellar scenery all on a hike that isn’t too long even for your weary bike legs. Another favorite of the Moab scene the offered jeeping and ATV. I was fortunate enough to experience this thrill with our friend Randall who took us out for some hair raising excursions in his jeep, but you can hire guides just the same.

I don’t know about you, but after riding, I’m always in a hurry to clean off and grab some food. There is a pretty cool little spot back at the Mill Creek Trail where you can rinse off, have a beer and hangout, and do a little cliff diving. It can be a little crowded here, but I still thought it was a good time. For food, my two favorite spots were without a doubt the delicious burgers at Milt’s and the Moab diner.

Another trail that I recommend in Moab is Captain Ahab. This is a newer trail and is a great 2 hour loop with varied riding and great views. If you are looking to really send it, you may want to head out to the Bartlett Wash ferried area. Here, you will find endless free ride options that can get pretty hairy, so make sure to do some research first and take a friend or someone that knows the area.

Live Free, Ride Hard, and…. start planning!!!


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