Watch: How To Master North Shore Features on Your MTB

Northshore, Woodwork, Ladders. Whatever you refer to them as, they can be daunting obstacles for riders of all abilities. There are several techniques you can use to help master these obstacles, both practically and mentally!

First off the Track Stand
Being able to track stand is a great skill for riding Northshore, allowing you to stop and take in upcoming obstacles on the trail without losing balance or flow! This will also lend to slow speed balancing skills which can help you do all this whilst keeping a bit of momentum!

Bike Setup
A low saddle is essential, flat pedals prefferred and a bash guard is optional! Be aware of hanging parts at the rear end of the bike. If the back end slips off the woodwork then your rear mech or disc rotor will be the first thing to hit…unless you can move them out of the way!

If you can ride it in a car park, you can ride it on the shore! Its the mental game of being raised off the ground that holds most riders back. Keep momentum, not too fast, not slow enough to stop or get twitchy. Remember where your wheels are and make any micro adjustments using little front/rear wheels lifts or shifting your body position!

Slow Speed Skills
Practice your endos, wheelies, hops, drops and pedal wheelies! Somewhere like a car park with sticks or rocks as obstacles is the perfect practice area!

Mind Games
Keep cool, stay relaxed, keep your momentum and look ahead!

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