After a day of projects Alexander, Seth and I headed out to Bent Creek for an afternoon ride with Seth’s buddy Sean.

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  • Downhill Mike

    I am pretty sure it was his broken handelbar. When they break they get crazy sharp. Very good job at saving the guys life. You guys were very professional.

  • C-Lo

    You guys are the best. That is one of my fears getting hurt on a trail with no one to help.

  • mapski99

    Well done gents!

    BTW, seeing you hold that phone in your vids, why not get one a mount? Rokform iPhone 6/6s Sport Series Quad?

  • TheProletariat

    Super sketchy situation, you guys kept your cool and nobody turned douchey. I’d ride with you.

  • asymons1

    You take that first aid class yet.. Good job btw. That brings up a question on recovery IS there a way to lock the front fork of a down riders bike to the back skewer of another bike to ease transport? And Just strap the front rim to the bike? I mean 5k into these bikes I would think it be a good idea to figure out recovery methods for them as well. Could help with a person that may not be able to peddle as well. Good idea or bad idea?

  • Jon_Dunn

    From a Wilderness rescue by untrained nonmedical personnel, I’d say this was a success. Y’all stayed calm, stabilized the wound, called for rescue and didn’t cause further damage. Jason must be a superhero, or possibly just a dick know it all pain in the ass.

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