Watch: GAMBLE – A Mountain Bike Film [Official Trailer]

Top downhill mountain bike riders ride sick lines beyond the race course in this upcoming video from Steel City Media.

Caution: there is adult language in this trailer.

Steel City Media and Creative Concept bring you the much anticipated new feature film ‘GAMBLE’, priding itself on bringing some of Downhill Mountain Biking’s most talented and charismatic riders together, outside of the tape, on tracks tailored for madness.

Narrated by the infamous Alan Ford from ‘Snatch’ and ‘Lock, Stock’, the top dogs of downhill have been united round the table once again and they aint here to mess about.

With the chips well and truly on the table, GAMBLE is about to go all in. Stick 50p in any of this lot and watch them go…

Available on iTunes, Google Play, Vimeo on demand, and other download platforms starting May 15th. In the mean time, don’t muck about and get yourselves over to for more details or pre-order here.