On the longest day of the year, Diamondback team rider Eric Porter and Seth traversed the Wasatch Crest trail in Park City, Utah, followed by a romp through Olympic Park and Deer Valley Resort. The purpose of the ride was to make a short film about Diamondback’s new hardtail, the Sync’r Carbon.

Here are some additional photos of the new Sync’r Carbon hardtail taken by Singletracks editor Jeff Barber outside Sun Valley, ID last week.

photo: Jeff Barber

All photos show Eric Porter’s personal bike. photo: Jeff Barber

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  • rajflyboy

    Jeff Barber

    I’d like to be you for a day and get to do some of the Epic bike trips and rides you do! Fun fun fun

    Great stuff

  • Peddlin and Smilin

    Great video Set. It was cool meeting you on the trail that day. Glad my paper towels helped with the tire patch repairs, and you guys were able to continue such an epic day. Keep on riding and producing such great content.

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