Watch: Cornering, Braking, and Line Choice – MTB Skills from Pumptrack to Trail

So far in our pump track to trail series, we’ve talked about pumping, we’ve talked about manualing, we’ve talked about using both in unison to generate speed and maintain flow. This has lead us to our next progression, doubling rollers. Now it’s time for the next step! Working on cornering, braking and using our knowledge and experience from this to spot lines and judge distance and speed!

Cornering and braking are vital trail skills. Now that you’ve generated your speed using the pump, manual or even the double, you’ll need to learn to corner better to manage that speed when it comes to a turn.

For this we in turn need to work on our braking. Not skidding or
panicking on the way in to the turn and rather than braking to slow down…braking not to speed up! When we’ve got this skill dialled, we can manage speed better, and look into various line choice options!

Line choice on a pump track can be simple inside/outside corner options. The trail is where line choice gets interesting! Judge the size of gaps and features, know the speed you need to travel various distances and use all your skills in combination to piece together some super impressive riding!

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