Watch: Common Ground – Filling the Void with Trans-Cascadia

As a backcountry stage race, Trans-Cascadia tends to operate in some of the most remote corners of the Northwest. And in order to provide racers with miles of trails that are fast, challenging and safe, event organizers and volunteers are quite often the ones on the ground putting in the time to do so. These efforts have led to a successful partnership with the US Forest Service and provided the extra capacity necessary to open many of the region’s forgotten trails.

The primary goal of Trans-Cascadia is to share the incredibly unique trail systems of the Pacific Northwest Cascade mountain range with the world—as well as give back to the local community through trail work, project funding, and support of the local economy. To help with this cause, they’ve created Ten For Trails, where each $10 donation increases your chance of winning a Santa Cruz Megatower and all proceeds from the drawing will benefit the continued trail advocacy efforts of Trans-Cascadia.

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