Watch: Close Calls on Hangover and Highline, Sedona

Last month I had the pleasure of stopping into Flagstaff for a week or so on my road trip out west. During this trip my friend from back east hooked me up with a great group of dudes that were kind enough to take me out and show me the ropes of Sedona. This place has been getting a ton of press all over the mountain bike community recently – partly because of the fact that during this time of year Sedona is one of the few epic mtb destinations not covered in snow, but mostly just because this place provides miles and miles of pristine trail along with breathtaking views around every corner. Sedona has trails ranging from beginner friendly to absolutely terrifying and death grip inspiring such as the two trails I ride in this video, Hangover and Highline.

I timed things just right as the Sedona Mountain Bike Festival was happening this weekend as well, so in addition to all the great riding, I got to hang out with live music, tons of mtb eye candy, and delicious beer after each ride. Lucky me!!

Anyway, I’m out for a shred with my (new) boys – Matthew, Jubie, Matts, and Morgan – so hang tight and enjoy!

ps. Watch for the near death experience I have on Hangover where I lose balance toward the cliff side and have to make a quick save!

-The Singletrack Sampler

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