Aaron Gwin and Neko Mulally Part Ways With YT Industries

Aaron Gwin and Neko Mulally are leaving YT. Where will they end up in 2019?

YT released this short video today, as a thank you to Aaron Gwin and Neko Mulally. It looks like both racers are leaving YT.

New team announcements are usually made after the new year, since that’s when new contracts start, so it may be a few weeks before Gwin and Mulally announce their new sponsors.

“Thank you for three glorious years of World Cup Racing, historic firsts, epic victories and a lot of lessons learned. Demonstrating that YT can succeed on a global stage, proving doubters wrong and establishing the YT MOB on the circuit. 
Thank you for the good times Aaron & Neko!Now is the time to go back to the core and take the gained knowledge to our roots. Pass it on to the next generation, identify the next Young Talents and redefine the rules once again. Let the journey begin!”
– Markus Flossmann, CEO of YT Industries