GMBN rounds up nine habits mountain bikers need to break or avoid altogether. From not taking care of gear to skimping on skills, we’re all guilty of a few of these from time-to-time.


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  • Mark Rocco

    Good tips! Can you further discuss riding while sitting? We cannot stand 100% of the time can we? Thanks.

    • mtb69r

      You don’t have to stand 100% of the time. However, on descents it’s best to have all your weight on the pedals for a lower center of gravity. This will help you with control and keep you from bouncing over the handlebars.

    • RexRambone

      The real issue was sitting down, pedal down. At the very least your pedals have to be horizontal, both for balance and to drastically reduce the risk of pedal strike on cornering.

      Still, out of the saddle on descents.

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