Watch: 6 Things Every Mountain Biker Should Know About Their Bike

Although Mountain Bike maintenance can be simple at times, there are a few simple tricks that everyone should know about their bike. Some of these even experienced mechanics can forget sometimes…

Tightening Pedals:
Remember pedals always tighten to the front of your bike when it’s upright and we would always advise un-doing your pedals with the bike like this to avoid smashing your knuckles on your chain ring!

Disc Brakes:
Remember if your brakes are rubbing, loosen the calliper bolts, turn the wheel a bit, grab the brake and then tighten the bolts up again. Works a charm.

Quick Release:
Two main modern types, FOX and Rock Shox. Both work in similar ways, just remember to adjust your axle to avoid the lever sticking out at awkward angles.

Removing the Rear Wheel:
If you have a clutch mech, remember to turn it off. Put the chain in it’s smallest sprocket and remove the axle. Then pull the mech back and pull the wheel down.

Seat Collar:
Remember not to over tighten your seat post clamp or you can damage the frame, if you have a dropper post, over tightening the clamp can cause damage to the internals.

Brake Spacers:
Brake Spacers are great to keep your hands on. If you are transporting your bike with the wheels off, it can be easy to press the lever and ruin your piston set up. Keep a spacer in and you can work on your bike worry free!

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