Watch: 5 MTB Lessons To Learn from Pro Trials Riders

Riders like Danny MacAskill and Hans Rey are undoubtedly up there with some of the most famous mountain bikers of all time! They’re not downhill racers, XC stars or enduro powerhouses… they’re trials riders! So what trials skills can we use to influence and improve our mountain biking, regardless of genre?

So what is it about these riders that make them some of the most famous, therefore most well paid, riders in mountain bike history? The accuracy, the precision, the exposure, the confidence? All of these are lessons we can take from watching pro riders videos.

However, there are also practical lessons to be learnt. Front wheel lifts, body control, rear wheel lifts, bike awareness, all are important to excel in your mountain biking! So lets watch some of the pros (with guidance from one of the best there is) and see what we can learn!

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