Watch: 5 Changes To Make Your Mountain Bike Feel New!

Is your MTB feeling a bit predictable? Almost too familiar and you’re not sure if it could be better? Martyn and Doddy have 5 great changes that you can make in order to make it feel like you’re riding a totally different bike!

Lets take a look at a few ways to make your steed feel fresh and new. Just the simplest changes to your set up can make your mountain bike feel like a brand new beast. These set up changes can give you more confidence on your bike and change the way you ride your everyday trails too!

1. Handlebar Width
2. Swapping Pedals to Flats or Clips
3. Change Tyres
4. Suspension
5. Approach the Way You Ride Differently

Thinking about you bike in a different way and making some subtle changes can have the biggest impacts if you’ve gotten a little bit stale with your riding!

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