Watch: 4 Rampage Riders Take On “Impassable” Route

“The event organizers called it ‘impassable,'” says Tyler McCaul of the daunting visual improbability of the narrow ridgeline he has chosen as his line for Red Bull Rampage 2016.

The crux move in the line: A narrow spine leading to a cliff, cropping out over the edge of a steep canyon with consequential drops on both sides. It required a huge landing be made to even think if was to be attempted.

With all 300 allotted sandbags in place, the landing zone still wasn’t plausible. So all 12 diggers labored to dislodge massive rocks, stacking them atop the bags to create a landing tall enough to match the pitch of the cliff’s natural slope.

After the crux move and the Great Wall, the four riders have selected different lines to reach the base of the mountain, although Bearclaw and T-Mac share the majority of their run together.

Photo: Red Bull Content Pool

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