Video: Prove Can’t Wrong

“Can’t” is a powerful word. When we buy into the idea that we can’t do something, or that a feat cannot be accomplished, we’ve lost before we’ve even begun.

The sport of mountain biking was built on the backs of riders who refused to listen to others who were already defeated by the word “can’t.” Riders who risked everything to push the limits and expand the realm of what we consider possible on a mountain bike.

While I know I personally am not at the level of pushing the envelope of physical possibility, I think that we all have our own can’ts. Maybe you think you’ll never be able to ride 100 miles on your mountain bike. Maybe you don’t think you’ll ever be able to clean that rocky line or air out that big jump.

But I think you can.

This video from RockShox is dedicated to those riders who proved can’t wrong:

Music: “Geometrìa del Universo” by Colleen
Written by Cecile Schott (SACEM)
Used courtesy of Cécile Schott and Second Language


Featuring Brandon Semenuk, Dany Hart, Paola Pezzo, Emmeline Ragot, Cam Zink, John Dawson, Steve Peat, Shawn Cruickshanks, Greg Herbold, Anthony Messere, Kyle Norbraten, Dylan Dunkerton, Curtis Robinson, Sam Hill, Kate Courtney, Jerome Clementz, SteveSmith, Troy Brosnan, Tanja Zakelj, and Jeremiah Boobar.

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