Video: How To Bunny Hop High on a Mountain Bike

You guys asked for more bunny hop tutorials, so here we go again. I’ll try to explain things a little differently this time to gain other perspectives we may have missed the first time around.

Firstly, before you dive into bunnyhops you may want to consider mastering some of the other ways you can get up and over things. For instance, getting your front tire onto something and pushing forwards is a great way to start learning the motions. It’s also a very useful mountain biking skill.

Before you do this, or a bunnyhop, you need to master getting your front wheel off the ground. Riding on your rear wheel without pedaling is called manual, but you’ll only need to pop it up for a second to bunny hop. Make sure to keep your arms straight, and bring your body weight as far back as possible. Master this technique and bunny hopping will be much easier.

Once you have this technique figured out, you want to push forwards and up on your handlebars to get into a bunny hop. Your thumbs and palms should be pushing on the bars from the back side, heaving the bike upwards. This is the key to doing a really high bunny hop.

As you’re doing this, you can bring your legs up so that they don’t hold the bike down. This demonstration is with platform pedals, so I want to stress that it’s your arms doing the work. The only reason we bring our legs up is so that they don’t hold the bike down.

For some extra pointers and techniques, watch my tutorial on how to manual, how to side hop, and my original how “to bunny hop tutorial” for beginners.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 4 bunny hop

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