Video: Danny MacAskill Stars in Microsoft Commercial–Is he selling out?

Danny MacAskill is at it again, taking his loop trick, originally seen in Imaginate, in front of millions of people in a Microsoft commercial promoting Cortana, the Microsoft Lumia phone’s personal assistant.

While I love Danny and I’m stoked to see big companies getting involved in the world of biking, I just have to ask: at what point do you pass the sponsorship level and reach the “sell out” point? With a recent video at the Playboy Mansion that featured relatively lackluster tricks (by Danny’s standards) and focused more on boobs than bikes, to recreating a trick that he’s already more than mastered in conjunction with a product that’s only loosely-related, are we witnessing Danny MacAskill slowly sell out?

Now, with the amount of money that he probably pocketed thanks to this commercial, I can’t really blame him. Heck, if I was that good, would I do anything different? And to his credit, he just recently put out an absolutely stunning movie featuring mountain biking on the Island of Skye.

But what do you think: is Danny selling out on us, or is he just making money where he can by going outside of an industry that’s chronically strapped for cash? Chime in in the comments section below!

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