I’m only 6 for 10… guess I have some work to do!

How many of these have you done?

10 Things Every Mountain Biker Should Have Done from Filme von Draussen on Vimeo.

(Watch the video here.)

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  • GimmeAraise

    7.5 for 10

    Never build a bike from scratch, but have replaced everything on it.
    Need to ride in Italy badly!
    Need to ride to the sea!

  • Jeff Barber

    Bingo, I’ve done all 10! What’s next? 🙂

    I propose adding to the list:

    – Start and end an MTB trail ride at your front door.
    – Ride a trail that isn’t marked.
    – Complete a 100-mile ride (in stages if necessary.)
    – Try riding a rigid, singlespeed mountain bike (fatbikes count.)
    – Go for a ride even if you’re feeling tired and/or sick.
    – Book an overnight trip with an MTB tour operator.

    The more I think about it, the more I think this to-do list could grow to at least 100 items…

    • skibum

      Have done five of your additional six (no overnighter with an outfitter).

      I also offer the following adds:
      – Become an advocate for trail access
      – Build a new trail
      – Take a kid (not your own) riding, one who might not otherwise get the opportunity
      – Ride above treeline
      – Ride with a current (or future) MTB Hall of Famer
      – Do a continuous climb of 3,000+ vertical feet
      – Do a continuous descent of 3,000+ vertical feet

      yep, coming up with 100 doesn’t seem too far off

    • Jeff Barber

      Those are great. The only item on your list I give myself partial marks for is becoming an advocate for trail access. I’ve tried it at the local level but honestly that’s not where my talents lie.

      Does promoting trail access issues via Singletracks count? If so then check me off. 🙂

  • skibum

    9.5/10 for me.
    (Canada is technically another country, but I don’t know that really rises to the level of adventure intended for that category)

  • Greg Heil

    The more I think about it, I might be more at 7 or 8. I mean, some of these are a little ambiguous 🙂 How close to the ocean do you have to be for it to count? Does a bay (San Francisco Bay, for instance) count? And how do you quantify a “mountain range” ?

    Also, I dig some of y’alls additions! We should definitely start our own list 😀

    • maddslacker

      Monarch Crest counts, since you cross the Continental Divide. 😀

    • Greg Heil

      I’m thinking it only counts if you start on the bottom of one side and ride all the way over the top to the bottom on the other side…

    • maddslacker

      So I guess racing La Ruta would knock it out.

  • GoldenGoose

    I need to find a “real” mountain range to cross and I’ll be 10 for 10. I don’t really think the Blue Ridge mountains should count as a check off for that category.

    • Jeff Barber

      Hey, if it’s a named range, it counts. Not every mountain range can be like the one in the video. 🙂

  • bravesdave

    Awesome discussion. To me it captures the real spirit of mountain biking. I love the biking, but I love the exploration and the experiences in the wilderness just as much. I just starting riding a few years back (should have started looooong before that).

    Living in both Colorado and in a foreign country have given me the privilege of doing a several items on your lists. Some items have been checked off all in the same ride: in a foreign country, over a mountain range, in the snow in places, navigating an unmarked trail (sometimes no trail) and +/- 3000′. Very cool. Sometimes we don’t realize how fortunate and blessed we are as Americans.

    But for me, by far the best item on the list has been taking a kid riding. I’ve ridden nearly all my miles on the trail with my son. It is quite evident that our relationship will reap the benefits for years to come. I can gratefully say that my teenage son is not my enemy (nor am I his), but we are best of buds. Dumping a whole bunch of money into a couple of nice AM bikes for us was the best expense I have ever made in my life. And more and more, we are now taking other kids out. Talk about value added to mountain biking and to my life. Can’t ask for much more than that. GREAT THREAD.

  • bravesdave

    One really cool idea is to do a multi-sport, multi-day tour, such mountain biking and kayaking through a remote region.

  • Greg Heil

    What about adding a stage race and/or a bikepacking trip to this list? Both things I want to do but have not done yet.

    • bravesdave

      I agree on the backpacking for sure, but I’m guessing that’s what the video is referring to when it says “sleep next to your bike. I still gotta get that one done. I guess I’ll just have to do a pretty simple overnighter early next season with a pretty full CamelBak on my back and my sleeping bag strapped to the bike. Maybe put in 50 or 60 miles for the two days … … getting excited already. =)

    • Greg Heil

      Ah i suppose that could apply, but since I’ve taken numerous car camping trips with my bike parked outside of my tent, i figured those counted 🙂

  • delphinide

    Finally able to watch this video! I’m 10 for 10 but I feel like I have only scratched the surface. Sweet. This video is a wonderful little snapshot of adventure of living life by exploring it on a bicycle. Awesome. I still want to:
    -do a dirty century
    -go on a multi-day bikepacking adventure
    -ride all of the features of one trail that I dream about: Blackjack
    -learn to tailwhip like a pro 🙂

  • Oivind Haavik

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    It is the best experience that i and our friends love to have.

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