The Top 10 Most Popular MTB Videos of 2015

Over the course of a year we share hundreds of videos here on Singletracks. Some totally flop, and others go so viral that our servers crash. But as you glance through this list of the 10 most popular MTB videos of the year, a theme will emerge: riding mountain bikes in places were they weren’t intended to go, or in places that are simply death-defying. Enjoy these death-defying stunts and mind-bending locations all over again:

Honorable Mention: Aaron Gwin Wins with NO CHAIN at Leogang World Cup

While this video didn’t crack our top 10 most popular videos, Aaron Gwin’s incredible performance and this accompanying video deserve an honorable mention. Seriously, winning a world cup DH race with no chain? Who does that?!

10. POV Video: Kurt Sorge’s INSANE Winning Rampage Run!

Kurt Sorge took the win at Redbull Rampage this year, and his video rightfully cracked our top 10 list. With a nod in Sorge’s direction for truly pulling out all the stops, I do have to say: anybody that makes it down that course alive is a champ in my book!

9. Mega Carnage at the 2015 Megavalanche

Our stats show: everyone loves a good crash compilation. But this video from Megavalanche is more than just an edit of riders hitting the ground–rather, it showcases the true brutality of this event.

8. Is Mountain Biking Harder than Road Cycling?

Well, is it harder or not? This video tried to take a scientific look at which is more difficult, and while the science in the video was kind of a flop, the comments section on Facebook proved to be very entertaining!

7. Top 10 Common Mountain Biking Mistakes

We all want to avoid making stupid mistakes, which is why this video rocketed into place #6 for the year.

6. Chris Akrigg Pushes Boundaries in “The Water Cycle”

Chris Akrigg has mastered the art of riding his mountain bike in beautiful, unconventional places, and turning his escapades into highly-entertaining films. “The Water Cycle” doesn’t disappoint!

5. Riding the White Line Trail in Sedona

This viral video has made the White Line Trail internationally famous, but don’t expect this ridiculous route to get overcrowded anytime soon.

4. Mountain Biking Down a Dam Spillway

Also filed under the “who decided to ride a mountain bike there?!” category, this POV video featured on GoPro’s Youtube channel shows you what it’d be like to ride your bike down a dam spillway.

3. Riding in Skinny Paradise

Herts skinny lines from Riders Cycle Centre on Vimeo.

Riding a flat, standard skinny qualifies as an achievement for most mountain bikers. But the skinnies in THIS video? I’ll leave ’em to those crazy Brits!

2. Must Watch: Danny MacAskill Shreds the Rooftops of Cascadia

While Danny’s rooftop video didn’t hit the interwebs until early December, it quickly rocketed up into the second place spot for the year! Combining both crazy, death-defying stunts over unforgiving drops between buildings, and simply riding in a place no one else would conceive of–on complex rooftops–Danny combines the two factors present on this list over and over again into one awesome video.

1. Must Watch: Brandon Semenuk’s One-Shot Run Is Jaw Dropping

Brandon Semenuk’s stunning one-shot run was far-and-away the most popular video on Singletracks in 2015 and is, to date, the most popular post of all time, garnering 148,000 social media shares and almost a million page views.

This video is so good, you NEED to watch it again!

Your Turn: What was YOUR favorite MTB video of 2015?

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