The Athlete Edits: Cam Zink [Video]

Teton Gravity Research is releasing athlete edits from their newest mountain bike movie, Accomplice. Here is Cam Zink’s.

When Cam Zink first started riding, no one knew what a full suspension bike was capable of, and frankly, he didn’t care. He was too busy jumping off massive drops hoping that the frame wouldn’t crack. Over time, he added tricks into his repertoire, wowing the world with some of the heaviest 360s and flips ever attempted on two wheels. His career is a laundry list of accolades and pivotal firsts. Rampage veteran and podium topper, freeride pioneer, the Guinness world record holder for the biggest backflip, are just a few to name, and that’s not even scraping the surface. But beyond the insane things he does on a mountain bike, Zink has a story that can resonate with anyone: He’s a guy who simply loves to ride his bike. Read Cam’s full athlete profile.

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