Return to Earth: Whistler Bike Park Kids Segment [Video]

To celebrate the streaming release of Return to Earth on Amazon Prime Video, Anthill films, Shimano and Trek are excited to share the highly acclaimed kids’ segment from the film. Titled, “Time Wisely Spent” and filmed exclusively in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park, the segment features young riders from Squamish and Whistler, British Columbia between the ages of 10 and 15. Starring Jakob Jewett, Max Wittenburg, Anthony Shelley, Mateo Quist, Dane Jewett, and Jackson Goldstone.

With more and more kids spending less time outside, this segment is a powerful reminder that the bike can be one of the best ways to counter a worrying trend. We hope that it inspires kids of all ages to get outside and shred! Return to Earth, the ninth feature film from the Anthill crew, takes viewers on a cinematic journey into the bicycle’s power to immerse us in the present moment.