Raw Video: Shredding Gnarly, Natural Trails at Top-Speed in Sweden

Hillside DH 2015 – Pre-Run 2015-08-21 from HillsideCycling on Vimeo.

Gothenburg, Sweden is home to an endless of array of extremely technical, natural singletrack. The Hillside AM Challenge is held on some of the gnarliest trails available, located in the Skatas area. Before the race, Leo Ranta, race organizer and owner of Hillside Cycling, pinned it down the DH section of the course at break-neck speed, with a time of 2:43. The winner of the DH segment, Anders Persson, beat him by a mere 5 seconds with a time of 2:38.

Check out this high-speed gnarly trail shredding in the RAW in the video above!

2015-09-01 hillside cycling

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