Paul Basagoitia is Back On The Bike [Video]

“At the beginning of 2018, Paul Basagoitia, former professional Slopestyle and Freeride Mountain Bike athlete, found himself less than 3 years out from a life-changing spinal cord injury suffered in competition at Red Bull Rampage, once again standing in front of a bike. Despite the very dim initial odds of ever walking again, Paul had managed to get back on his feet through determination and rigorous physical therapy- now walking with the assistance of a cane. A flurry of excitement and terror filled his emotion at the prospect of riding again. For the majority of his life he would have looked at his bike seeking to be the very best in his field. This time, the thought shifted to, ‘Can I actually ride this thing? In Back On The Bike,’ Paul shares his journey returning to mountain biking and his new future.”

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