Mike Giese at Coast Gravity Bike Park [Video]

From Enve:

The air is dusty and unsettled. Shadows fly overhead through the trees. Away from the crowds of Crankworx, isolated in the woods, the only sounds come from a distant buzzing and branches snapping. A dance with the devil is happening just out of sight. A dark figure blurs its way down the mountain, leaving ruin to the dirt sculptures in its wake. Few have witnessed what happens deep in the woods of the Sunshine Coast. But some things can only be seen in the shadows.

Mike Giese rides like a bat out of hell by day and is instafamous at night. A former AMA motocross pro and now an EVIL design guru, his skills on two wheels are mind-melting. The crew at ENVE followed him to Coast Gravity Park last fall to see how he’d interpret it on his partied-out Wreckoning, fitted with ENVE M730’s.

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