Chris Akrigg is at it again! He doesn’t provide much of a preface to this video, but as you watch it, if you weren’t already aware you’ll realize how amazing Chris Akrigg is at riding a bike–any and every bike. And if you were¬†aware of how well-rounded of a rider Akrigg is, prepare to be awed yet again!

Watch the video here:

Chris Akrigg – five from chris akrigg on Vimeo.

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  • alskoj

    This video should be in theaters! Academy award for skill and effort! EPIC!

  • afullsodacan

    Wow, this video is REALLY well done. I think this is my favorite from him yet. That climb on the XC bike was especially crazy, of course, every part was crazy.

  • jeff

    Wow, I need to pay attention to that uphill stair riding technique!

  • gar29

    That was awesome! I got a big laugh about the ice cream cone. And you’re right Jeff, I need to work that stair technique! LOL yeah right… I love how he just wheelied through the one switchback.

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