About six weeks ago I embarked on a training regimen based on the product Mountain Bike Dumbbell Combos from James Wilson. One of the key features in the program is its elimination of all possible excuses someone like me would use to avoid an undertaking like this.

I don’t want to have to buy all that special workout gear or get a gym membership

Well, all you need to do this is a jump rope, a chair and a set of adjustable weight dumbbells. Total cost according to my quick internet search: 35 bucks plus shipping. You’ve got a chair right? If you don’t, maybe your priorities might need reevaluating.

I don’t have time

According to the well documented instructions, workouts take less than 45 minutes to complete and you only need 2 to 3 per week to see results. 2 hours and 15 minutes is less than the running time for Pearl Harbor, and trust me, you can skip that one.

Casey is a better actor anyway

I don’t have the space to do it

No matter how small your dim little hovel is (unless you’re a New York minimalist) you can find the 5′ X 5′ space required to perform the exercises. Go ahead, push the futon out of the way and get to business.

No coordination? Fear not, within the package are links to online videos showing step-by-step instructions on how to get down. Mr. Wilson really does have the knack for making this workout program approachable for anyone and removes any roadblocks to getting into the best ride shape you’ll ever see. But wait there’s more…

Let’s talk nutrition

Along with the 23 page workout description there are seven Nutrition Handouts with titles like “Eat This Not That”, “Breakfast is the Most Important Meal”, “8 Super Foods” and “Protein”. These sheets give you the digestable (wha wha whaaaaaa) information about maximizing your results by eating correctly before, during, and after your training. It’s amazing how my food consciousness was transformed once I read some of the wisdom included. It’s easy to fall into the habit of grabbing anything when you’re hungry. When you not only understand that the chips you’re reaching for are full or fat and empty calories but that there’s something equally satisfying that will take you one step closer to trail stud status the choice is easy.

My frequent rider partner and bona fide trail mangler Jim

As for my results? Sadly in the time I’ve been tackling the training I haven’t had a chance to do much mountain biking. I went to Ray’s Milwaukee right around the time I started the program and I did get out on some super secret employee-only trails back when the white stuff was still around.

Aside from that it’s been all road for me. But in that time I feel stronger, able to ride longer and recovery times seem to be dropping. My body fat percentage is down, my lean muscle mass is up. I’m probably the worst product reviewer (and they pay me for this?) because empirical data is nigh worthless in my world where if it feels better from the saddle, it’s all good. That, my friends, is the bottom line.

I love the Mountain Bike Dumbbell Combos program simply because it gets me motivated to get in top shape for the season. I don’t know about you, but when I feel like I’m in good shape and ready for the trails every ride is a bit radder, the singletrack just a bit tastier and that post-ride beer is as close to sweet nectar as I imagine I’ll ever taste.

Get pumped, get in shape and get out there. It’s spring and the trails are calling.

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  • AK_Dan

    Nice write.
    I am once again remembering its easier to stay in shape than get back in shape- uff da.
    The pavement riding actually does help with the MTB conditioning more than I realized. I find its my endurance level that suffers the most from down time- and yea, I also love that feeling of being ‘in shape’ and ready to take on any climb.

  • bikecowboy

    I started the combos about 5 weeks ago and they are great. He also has 15 min workouts you can throw in between. Seeing results already as well. Big fan of bikejames.com.

  • mudhunny

    Great to hear that you are making progress in only 5-6 weeks! The nutrition part would be the hardest part for me, I like to think downing an entire 1000 calorie chipotle burrito after a ride is completely justifiable 🙂

  • GatorB

    Am I the only one that rides so I can eat what ever I want. Seriously though Im starting the 1000 burpee challenge this Sunday. 100 burpees a day for 100 days. No equipment needed and its a great mountain bike related exercise.

  • trek7k

    I’m definitely with you GatorB – mountain biking burns off calories so I can eat even more! Sometimes I’m not sure which part I like better – riding or eating pizza afterward. 🙂

  • bikecowboy

    Actually James’ nutrition program is not a calorie counter or reduction program. It’s more about proper protein intake to keep your metabolism going and a correct carb to protein ratio. Also, just simple things to make sure you are eating good stuff at the right time to keep your body fueled and able to be at its peak. He’s not really worried about calories. I’m right with you though, except i think I used to get carried away with it. I was riding, riding and still getting bigger!

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