Dan Milner, the Trail Ninja, travels halfway around the world to visit the birthplace of mountain biking: Marin County, California. He explores two trails: Camp Tamarancho and China Camp, basically the only two legal singletrack trails in Marin.

Watch the video here:

For more on the riding in Marin, check out my blog post from last summer: “Visiting the Birthplace of Mountain Biking: Marin County, California.”

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  • gar29

    Dan Milner is a crack up, I enjoy his videos. To bad there is only 2 trails open in Marin.

  • Bubblehead10MM

    Awesome, He pulls of the product placement with stile. Be like “see what I did there?”
    Neat trails, and they’re just that cool, that no one would ever bring up the whole birth place thing lol

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