The 13 Best Spring Break Mountain Bike Destinations

13. Austin, Texas

Average temps: March: high of 72, low of 51. April: high of 80, low of 59.

Marquee ride: Walnut Creek Trails.

Juan Pelota Ranch Trail System. Photo: armslowrdr.

While Austin might seem like a bit of an oddity on this list, just check out the temps in March and April. Yeah, Austin is almost guaranteed to be warm and dry! Also, Austin has a fantastic bike culture, including great mountain biking trails. According to Singletracks, there are at least 20 trails to check out within 25 miles of Austin. And if you enjoy riding pavement, too, be sure to bring your road bike: Lance Armstrong’s hometown is a decent place to pound pavement.

Your Turn: While these are all fantastic choices to cool your spring mountain bike fever, there are definitely other great locales to score some dry spring singletrack! What’s your favorite spring break mountain bike destination?

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