The 10 Best MTB Shuttle Routes in the Western US

10. McKenzie River Trail, Eugene, Oregon

Photo: Greg Heil
Photo: Greg Heil

Unlike all of the other shuttle routes on this list, the McKenzie River Trail doesn’t feature any major descents. I’d define the MRT as a cross country point-to-point shuttle, as it only drops about 1,500 feet from high point to low point.. That’s not to say that it isn’t technical in spots: some of the sharp volcanic rock can be extremely challenging and is just begging to tear skin from flesh if you fall on it.

However, this route is really about the experience and not the adrenaline-filled descending: you’ll ride past massive thundering waterfalls, crystal clear pools of water, and beneath towering virgin timber. Check out Cog Wild for a shuttle if you’re coming from Bend, or Horse Creek Lodge if you find yourself in the immediate MRT vicinity.

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