The Mormon Trail challenges riders with a rocky, technical ride in the heart of the urban sprawl of Phoenix, Arizona. Mormon Trail is a connector trail that links to other fantastic rides in the desert wonderland of South Mountain Regional Park.
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  • Greg Heil

    I’ve heard such good things about these trails! While I generally try to avoid cities, I may need to make an exception for South Mountain!

    • skibum

      South Mountain is absolutely epic! Whooda’ thunk it–right there in a major metro area. It’s like a desert version of Palmer Park, but much larger and with more gnar. One of my faves and in Miniskibum’s top 3. Bring all the suspension and nerve you’ve got.

  • yzf600

    Whenever my job gets me down, I remind myself I live less than a mile from the Desert Classic trailhead in South Mountain Park. Why did I wait so long to move here to the Southwest?

  • abegold

    This trail is for the free rider and downhill lovers. Full face helmet and pads suggested. You’ll find Arizonas second largest lizard, the Chuckwalla among the rocks. Several trails and side routes. The waterfall will challenge many. Brutal heat in summer but just right in winter.

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