After my visit to the Big Bear, California area last year, I’ve been keeping tabs on the trail development in the area… and the rapid progress has been cool to watch!

(To catch up on my Big Bear coverage from 2012, check out this three-part series: Downhill at Snow Summit, XC Trails, Big Bear Lake Amenities.)

Earlier this summer, Snow Summit Mountain Resort announced the opening of a brand-new bike park, with more trails to be added as the summer went along.

But Big Bear isn’t just about downhill… there are also excellent opportunities for cross-country riding in the region, and with the opening of 8 miles of the brand-new Skyline Trail on August 17th, those opportunities are expanding. For Big Bear, the addition of this multi-use singletrack trail is a big deal. “From my understanding this is the first new trail introduced to Big Bear in over two decades,” said Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation Chair Phil Hamilton.

The current section of the Skyline Trail was designed well and built to last by IMBA Trail Solutions. This flowy singletrack trail offers up some gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains, including Mount San Gorgonio.

Eventually, this 8-mile segment will be expanded into a 15-mile loop trail, which will form the backbone for a brand-new South Shore Trail System.

Keep an eye on the trail development in Big Bear, especially if you live in Southern California. What was already an excellent regional mountain bike destination is quickly evolving into a location that is bound to draw riders from all over the nation!

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  • JVV

    GREAT new single track. I just spent 2 weeks in Big Bear with family on vacation (August 4-16, 2013) and rode the new Skyline single track 3 times. Been riding Big Bear mountains for 20 years. The new skyline trail is not a vertical plunge like Pine Knot (1EO1), but more of an up-and-down masterpiece that generally parallels the historic Skyline road. They’ve done a wonderful job of using switchbacks and other curves that make it much longer and more fun than the parallel road. And it goes through fun obstacles like granite rock formations with occasional dramatic views off the back side of the ridge (on the west side, wonderful view of the distant Saddle Back Mountain in Orange County; on the east might San Gorgonio looms). At several places they’ve incorporated logs on the side of the trail for fun up-ride-and drops. Best to start on either end (west or east) and ride toward Grand View Point in the middle (THEN do the fabulous Pine Knot Trail single track down to Aspen Glen picnic area). Slightly more technical from the west side. Modest to expert riders will find it enjoyable — not appropriate for true novices. Will be even better with a few seasons of, well, seasoning!

    • mtbgreg1

      Right on, it’s great to get some first person experience! Now I’m itching to go back to big bear and check it out for myself!

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