Over the years, Singletracks had added a number of features to help mountain bikers track and share their rides, and now we’re tying many of these features together with Tracker. Tracker allows you to connect the GPS services you use to track your rides and automatically imports your ride data into Singletracks. We’re officially launching today with support for Strava, but look for other GPS service support coming later this year.


The Singletracks Trail Challenge is going strong, and members can earn virtual badges and soon, real-life rewards, for riding new trails. Tracker automatically checks you in at trails based on your GPS route data, so you never need to worry about forgetting to check-in or whether you’ll have cell service at the trailhead.

My Trails

Tracker will manage your My Trails list for you. For each new trail you ride, we’ll take the trail off your Trail Wishlist and add it to your My Trails list. A map showing all the trails you’ve ridden can be found on your profile page.


When we launched the Singletracks Ridelog in 2005(ish), there weren’t a lot of options for tracking ride and fitness data online. Today there are thousands of great web and smartphone apps for doing so (including Strava), but we still use the Ridelog data to calculate average ride times and distances for mountain bike trails. Connect to Tracker and we’ll automatically populate your Ridelog with summary data about each of your activities.

Share trail maps

In the past, sharing GPS data required a PhD in computer science but with Tracker, we’ll grab route info from your ride and attempt to turn it into a trail map. Once you get 10 approved routes in your account, you’ll even score a free Pro account on Singletracks. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Trail conditions

We’ll send you an email when we identify one of your rides as a mountain bike ride on a known trail, asking you how the conditions were out there. This helps other riders plan their trips, and also adds to our database of trail condition trends at individual trails.

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  • delphinide

    Man, that’s awesome!

    I’ve noticed in the beta version that it pulls ALL of my data from my Garmin-Strava connection, so I have to manually delete my road rides and runs. FYI. Hopefully if someone neglects to delete them it doesn’t create a “new trail” in someone’s neighborhood.

    Also, is there a way to make this data private? From what I could tell, others can view my rides/routes, and even when I turn on the security feature for Strava (which masks your home address if you ride from home) it’s still pretty easy to figure out where someone lives.

    • Jeff Barber

      The “Tracker” tab shows all your activity data but it’s private–no one else can see it. Ditto for anything other than MTB rides; if it’s a road ride or any other activity type, it’s not visible anywhere on Singletracks (plus we don’t even look at the track data).

      Your actual GPS data is moderated and in most cases, if an MTB ride starts from your house we’ll end up cutting that part out since we’re only interested in trails (unless you don’t have to ride any roads to get to the trail–in which case, we’re jealous).

  • jkey6

    Awesome! I love the strides that Singletracks has made in the past couple years. As a sport that is still emerging, having so much geographic information available is good for everyone.

  • swerverider

    Presumably, that’s 10 *different* approved routes in an account – and not 1 route ridden 10 times…?

    I’ve started getting the emails asking about the trail conditions, but so far I’ve been using the app on my iPhone and manually adding the trail condition – would it matter if I also answered the email? Or should I stick to one method?

    This is getting very interesting… Can’t wait to see where this all goes!

    • Jeff Barber

      Right, no need to enter the trail conditions if you’ve already done so.

      And yes, it’s 10 different routes but that’s not the only way you can earn points toward a free membership. Reviews are worth 2 points and photos are worth a point each so you could submit 5 routes plus reviews and a photo of each (or any combo of the three).

      We’ll also send you an email about rides we can’t identify and in some cases, that means we need you to add the trail info. Trail info is worth 3 points for each unique trail so it adds up quickly!

  • jkldouglas

    So my main question is can you differentiate trails in a ride since it pulls straight from my Strava Account. There is one trail that I have been meaning to map but while it isn’t a part of another trail system, you need to go through a trail system to get to it. So if I wanted to enter it as a “new trail” will the trail map contain my riding through the other trails or will I be able to edit where the trail starts and stops once my gps data has been pulled from Strava? Basically should I start Stava at the beginning of that trail and then stop it at the end so Strava/Singletracks only “sees” that trail?

    • Greg Heil

      Essentially, it’s up to you to determine how you want to map the trail. Our current map system is setup to support a number of different “recommended routes,” so you can definitely post the entire route that you recommend people ride.

      If you want to also just post a map of that segment of trail so everyone can see what/where it is, that works as well. Oftentimes, I personally post BOTH the recommended route AND the specific trail segment in question, if it’s a specific segment in a complicated trail system. Since our system can now support many routes for one trail listing, this is great!

      If you’re interested in editing Strava data after the fact, I recommend that you export the .GPX data from Strava (click the little wrench on your activity page), edit the .GPX data in a program like Garmin Basecamp to achieve the route you want, and then upload the modified track using our standard GPS data upload form (the “submit GPS data” button on each respective trail page).

      Editing and revising track data is definitely more of a power user feature, and many of these steps were required for GPS data uploads in the past. With the new Tracker integration, the idea is to remove a lot of the complicated steps to make map submissions quick and painless 🙂

  • riordabr

    Who owns the data once you pull it? Can we export our data back out of SingleTracks?

    • Jeff Barber

      Yes, you can export any GPS trail data that Singletracks selectively posts. Our export function is essentially the same as the GPX export option in Strava; the only difference is in some cases we may edit your GPS data to fit a particular trail system so it might not match up with the data you get from Strava.

  • brett.williams

    Comments here have cleared up my problems (seeing all my road rides/runs was disconcerting). Once I can actually ride again (argh snow and mud) I’ll be doing this, this is a great idea.

  • Scott N

    How are things moving along with this app. I am relatively new to mountain biking and I would like to download the Pro version but I would like to make sure that the app is still functioning and in good working order. Thanks

    • Jeff Barber

      Tracker is unrelated to the Singletracks Pro app–it’s just a way to link your Strava account to Singletracks to keep track of the trails you ride. The Strava app is free.

      Singletracks Pro was just updated about a week ago so yeah, still functioning and in working order. On sale for $0.99 until the end of the month too so you don’t have to risk a whole $4 to give it a try–ha!


    I had a ride this morning that does not show up in my tracker so I tried re-syncing data a few times to get it to show up. This has happened to me in the past and re-syncing solved the problem. However, this morning’s ride will not show up and now I have several check-ins to that trail system, all from this morning, due to the repeated re-syncing. Can I manually delete check-ins somehow? Why is this morning’s ride not showing up in my tracker?

    • Jeff Barber

      You can delete any of your last 5 checkins on your badge page: https://www.singletracks.com/ci/member_badges.php?id=294183

      Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and look for the ‘X’ next to the latest checkins. Note: you’ll need to be logged in to do this.

      As for the ride not showing up in tracker, it’s possible there is something in the title or ride data that’s not allowing it to save due to a bug in our code. Don’t worry–this only happens rarely and shouldn’t affect future rides.


    Thanks Jeff. I was able to delete the check-ins but it still won’t sync my data. I’m just getting the message “syncing data… (this could take a minute or two)” that does not go away. The title of the ride was identical to one I used in the past that did sync correctly. Regardless, I tried renaming it on Strava and re-syncing – same problem. In addition I seem to have lost several badges that I earned in the past not related to this particular ride.

    • Jeff Barber

      Right, as I said, there’s a bug that prevents that particular ride from syncing. I’ll look into the issue of lost badges… obviously that shouldn’t be happening.

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