Every fall IMBA announces its new model trail selections. In years past, their announcements just encompassed the new IMBA “Epic” trails, but in recent years they have expanded the number of model trail categories they offer to include ride centers, flow trails, and gateway trails, as well as epics.

Read on to check out IMBA’s newest Model Trail selections:

Ride Centers

IMBA Ride Centers are true destinations that hold enough riding for you to make a vacation out of it. Not only are the trails excellent, but the amenities in the nearby community are superb as well.

Burns Lake, British Columbia

Photo: burnslaketrails.ca

 Coldwater Mountain, Alabama

Rider: mtbgreg1. Photo: jeff.

Helena, Montana

Photo: warhank.

Livigno, Italy

Photo: mottolino.com

Rychlebske Stezky, Czech Republic

Photo: imba.com

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Photo: mtbgreg1.


According to IMBA, “with the addition of new Model Trail classifications in recent years, IMBA has returned the Epics to the original intent of the designation—demanding, singletrack adventures in a natural setting. The 2013 class of Epics celebrates true backcountry riding experiences that are technically and physically challenging, more than 80 percent singletrack and at least 20 miles in length.”

Cooper’s Gap, Rothrock State Forest, Pennsylvania

Photo: alskoj.

Olallie Ridge, Sisters, Oregon

Park City Epic, Park City, Utah

Photo: mtbgreg1.

Alps Trail Davos, Davos, Switzerland

Photo: imba.com

Flow Trails

Flow trails are designed to be rideable by beginner riders, but if you pick up the speed, the challenge and the fun hidden in these trails really begins to show!

Candyland, Spirit Mountain, Duluth, Minnesota

Photo: spiritmt.com

Coldsprings Flow, Coldwater Mountain, Anniston, Alabama

Photo: facebook.com/coldwatermountain

Flow Motion, Sandy Ridge Trail System, Sandy Ridge, Oregon

Photo: jeff.

Gateway Trails

According to IMBA, “Gateway Trails are family friendly, positioned close to population centers and offer natural surfaces with moderate grades to create a widely accessible introduction to mountain biking.”

Big Hollow Trail, Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky

Photo: kymba.org

Blueberry Lake Trails, Warren, Vermont

Photo: facebook.com/pages/Mad-River-Riders/147795441983502

Your Turn: Did a trail not get inducted this year that you think deserves to be on this list? Let us know about it in the comments section below!

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  • Jared13

    It’s awesome to see Montana on the list.

    Great timing too, we rode all over Helena last weekend. Just over 26 miles and over 4200 feet of elevation gain…and we even “cheated” by getting shuttled and skipped 1k of climbing!

    I haven’t hit any of the bike shops there, but the Brew House has some great food and drinks!

  • MTI

    Cool write up! Within the month work is going to take me to Atlanta for a few days. Coldwater Mountain only looks like about 1 1/2 hours away I think I will hit it!

  • MaxwellD

    Does anyone know when the flow trail in Santa Cruz is rebuilt? I think it is every year, just not sure when. Anyone? 🙂

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