Form a Team for the Singletracks Trail Contest to Win Prizes


This month Singletracks is excited to launch a team-based contest to see which team can ride the most mountain bike trails. The contest officially begins this Friday, August 28, and you can form a team starting today!

How It Works

Anyone who would like to form a team becomes the team leader. Team leaders can invite up to 4 additional team members for a total of 5 riders per team (you can have fewer than 5 riders if you like). Each team member will receive 1 point for each unique trail he or she rides between Friday, August 28 and Sunday, September 13 (each trail only counts once per person during the contest period). The team score will be the sum of each team member’s points and the 3 teams with the highest scores at the end of the contest will receive prizes. The contest leaderboard will provide real-time updates on team standings, along with a map showing where Singletracks members have ridden over the past 24 hours.

Team members will need to check in at each trail they ride during the contest, either using the free Singletracks app or by connecting your Strava and Singletracks accounts. Head over to the contest page for instructions and more details about how the scoring works. will be fielding 3 teams in the contest to introduce a little friendly competition, though these teams will be competing for bragging rights only. We encourage folks looking to fill team slots to use the Singletracks forums and Facebook page to link up with other riders who may be looking to join a team. Pro tip: Check Singletracks members’ profiles to see how many trails they’ve ridden, and invite those who have ridden the most trails.

We’re excited to see how many unique trails you can ride over the next three weekends! The question is: Will it be enough to out-explore the Singletracks teams?

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