Oregon has been on my wishlist for a very long time. I’ve heard so many tales of gorgeous weather, unending singletrack, and massive mountains. After years of wishing, this next August (Lord willing) I will finally be able to make it happen! I am currently planning on hitching up a Sylvansport Go camper and spending at least a month riding the best singletrack that Oregon has to offer!

When mudhunny forwarded me a link to this video, I couldn’t help wishing that I could leave on my trip in 5 days instead of 5 months! Oh well, if I can’t ride the McKenzie River Trail for another half a year, at least I can put this awesome video on repeat!

Check out the official video caption from wandr:

The McKenzie River Trail is one of the best mountain biking trails in the United States. It is located between Eugene and Bend, Oregon. This video was shot in a single day last August. Check out wandr.com for more stuff like this. Thanks to Adam Andrade and Dennis Yuroshek for going fast. Thanks to Tim Havens for helping shoot, and for jumping off cliffs on command.

Watch the video here:

McKenzie River Trail Mountain Biking (Part 1) from wandr on Vimeo.

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  • Jared13

    “Thanks to Tim Havens for helping shoot, and for jumping off cliffs on command.”

    Hahahaha, awesome!

    That trail had some awesome scenery.

  • abegold

    I’ve ridden it twice, beautiful trail, lots of shade and water. 2 things most trails lack here in AZ. But all I know who’ve ridden both suggest I ride North Umpqua Trail in southern OR and say it’s even better. More remote feel, more epic and less used or known. Twice as long. May hit it this summer, too.

  • gar29

    Looks like an awesome ride! I would love to try that trail!

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