All of the Epic Destinations We Wrote About in 2015 – In One Place

Gothenburg, Sweden

photo: Natasja Jovic

Navigating Greg’s 8-part series on Gothenburg’s expansive network of singletrack is a bit like actually riding it–a maze of options, surprises, and miles (in this case, pages) of both technical and flowy goodness–but with better signage. Never mind the rich history, strong mountain bike culture, and the “everyman’s-right” ethos, Gothenburg-area trails provide diversity and accessibility that would rival any top-shelf riding destination as you tour from the shadows of a castle on oceanside slickrock to the vastness of the Swedish interior. So, have a seat, grab some Swiss rolls, and enjoy your own fika while you soak up some biking abroad adventure. And cheers to Leo Ranta for returning our Chief Editor in one piece!

“Mountain biking in Gothenburg isn’t easy and it isn’t forgiving. But if you can brave the technical trails and the lack of signs, you’ll find a vast web of natural singletrack that offers challenge, history, and scenic views that all combine to create an unforgettable mountain biking experience.” -Greg Heil

  • Read the opening article, including, all links to Greg’s Gothenburg series here

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