All of the Epic Destinations We Wrote About in 2015 – In One Place

Helena, Montana


With 28 different access points, you can pick up the South Hills Trail System from the end of nearly any street in Helena, MT. Although you’re never a stone’s throw away from town, the 75-mile network never felt further from civilization. Descending MacDonald Pass proved to be more raw and challenging than your typical shuttle, especially when earning your turns through a series of steep, highly-technical climbs and descents before accessing the goods. Second only to actually riding Helena-area trails, but perhaps the most enticing reason to make Montana’s capitol city your next MTB trip, is the Trail Rider – a bike-hauling bus running five days a week for free. With multiple drop-offs, it eliminates the painstaking planning and guess work of locating trailheads and parking from the equation, giving you more time to ride.

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