All of the Epic Destinations We Wrote About in 2015 – In One Place


What destination recap would be complete without no less than five in-depth destination reports from Colorado? And with a few of the Singletracks’ Editorial Team members residing in the Centennial state (including our esteemed editor-in-chief), we’re pretty well versed in Rocky Mountain riding.

photo: Michael Paul

First off, while several of his suggested locations are week-worthy destinations alone, if you’re looking to tear through Colorado in search of stellar must-do-riding, Michael’s whirlwind road trip details a week-long route extending from your arrival in Denver all the way to Grand Junction.

photo: Jeff Barber

Salida, CO is as authentic as any mountain town minus the cookie-cutter resort riffraff. While most bikers may know Salida as the exit point for the famed Monarch Crest trail, few take the time to explore all the area has to offer. What Salida lacks in amenities found in places like Moab and Whistler, it makes up for with the 500+ miles of trail within 25 miles of town–something the more popular destinations do not have.

photo: Greg Heil

Greg took us along for his 4-day tour riding some of the finest singletrack in Crested Butte during the EWS and, and while we’d all wished for better circumstances, what better way to celebrate the life of a mountain biker than doing what he did best? Greg dished on some oldie-but-goodies, some new-to-him, and even some fresh cut singletrack on the Gunsight Pass Connector–one of the flowiest, loamiest trails he’s ever ridden!

photo: Greg Heil

With more mountain bike destinations in Colorado than you can shake a 15mm thru-axle at, it’s still heart-warming to see more on the rise. Eagle and Del Norte popped up on our radar in 2015 as two Colorado locations with a newfound passion for the maintenance and enhancement of already-exisitng trail and development of more. Read more on how Eagle could be the next Fruita and about Del Norte’s trail without a trail MTB playground.

photo: Michael Ackerman

Michael Ackerman’s, “A Mini-Guide to Fat Biking Durango, Colorado,” looks about as mini as fat bikes are skinny. While it would behoove anyone seeking winter riding in Durango to delve into the deets on the suggested trails, Michael drops no less than 25 names of trails, roads, loops, connectors, and routes featuring everything from mellow meadow to technical drops and fast singletrack descents. Hell, he had me so convinced, I almost thought about buying a fat bike… almost.

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