All of the Epic Destinations We Wrote About in 2015 – In One Place


photo: Chris Daniels

Bordered by the Big Hole Mountains to the West, the Gros Ventre Wilderness to the East, and the Tetons betwixt, is a destination that combines the best of both Wyoming and Idaho riding, affectionately known as Wydaho. Earn your turns on Mill Creek, Phillips Ridge, and Game Creek; let the lift do the work at Grand Targhee and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort bike parks; or try your hand on one of the several downhill trails from the Teton Pass where hitchiking for a boost has been legalized. Whatever you shred, just don’t forget your bear bell!

Rider: Micheal Woodruff
Rider: Micheal Woodruff, photo: Greg Heil

While the timing of my trip kept me from breaching the borders of “The Ghee” (Grand Targhee Resort), Greg followed up with a late summer visit to the bike park and made quick work of both older and brand new downhill lines featuring drops, rocks, and tabletops in all manner of shape and variety.

“There’s no question that the existing trail network here at Grand Targhee is superb. But unlike some destinations and resorts I’ve visited, they aren’t content to rest on their laurels… If you visit the ‘Ghee’ one year and then come back the next, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have new trail to ride. If that’s not a fresh mountain biking experience, I don’t know what is!” -Greg Heil

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