The Top 10 Peaks You Can Summit Worldwide with Your Mountain Bike

Joss Mountain

The remote Monashee Mountains of British Columbia beckon to be explored. Massive glaciers, rushing rivers, and mountains with enough sheer vertical to make a mountain biker cry tears of joy surround small mountain towns like Revelstoke. Although Mount Cartier, the most famous peak to mountain bike in the area, is the obvious choice for this list, most riders take a helicopter to a high ridge, and then hike to the summit. For this reason, another famous peak in the area, Joss Mountain, is a better choice for this list of peaks that can be summited by bike.

Joss is truly one of the best alpine trails in British Columbia, and it conveys this right from the start. After navigating a maze of ratty dirt roads to the start of the trail, a climb begins through untouched forest and avalanche shoots. The trail is excessively rocky and rooty on this portion, so expect to be pondering how awesome descending that terrain will be as you hike-a-bike your way up. As a note, remember bear spray for this ride; indeed, the lower slopes of the mountain are known to have a substantial  population of our not-so-little furry friends.

After conquering a nasty set of switchbacks, riders emerge above treeline into an alpine wonderland. Sheer cliffs wall in crystal clear alpine lakes. Postcard views of deep gorges, wild flowers, and sprawling glaciers surface at every turn. Riders waltz (and occasionally ride) through a landscape teeming with life yet devoid of it at the same time. The best part? Unlike many mountains, the riding gets easier the higher you go on Joss. Consequently, most of the upper portion can be ridden with a good pair of legs and lungs.

At the summit, riders soak in the views and check out a permanent stone hut. Just in case, remember that it makes a good place to go if bad weather strikes. Then, the only thing left to do is ride 4,000 feet down one of the best descents in Canada!

The Details

  • Elevation: 7,793′
  • Net elevation gain to summit: 3,429′
  • Distance: 11.8 miles
  • Nearest town: Revelstoke, British Columbia
  • Nearest campground: Frog Falls Recreation Site
  • Best post-ride restaurant: The Village Idiot

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