Brakes are the most basic safety tool, but even the most expensive MTB disc brakes are useless without good, working pads. In two minutes pro mountain biking photographer and all-round adventure nut, Dan Milner, shows you how to swap out your brake pads. No fuss, no bother, just a simple how-to with added pro tips gleaned from his 30+ year love affair with mountain bikes.

Watch the video here.

2014-11-13 trail doctor

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  • musikron

    I wind up skipping 90% of singletracks content because you almost never post articles for us literate users, just videos for the dummies. Please, more print and less “edits”. Last week there were even several non bike related videos, it seems you’re losing your way.

  • Jeff Barber

    Thanks for the feedback!

    What’s a recent article from the other 10% you liked?

  • Greg Heil

    I think it’s worth noting that in the past week, which was a more-or-less average week, we posted 8 fully-original text-based articles, 1 weekly photo blog recap, and 10 videos. So at the very least, you’d only be skipping a little over 50% of our posts… nowhere near 90%.

    Also, I’d like to note that in no way have we decreased the number of in-depth articles that we publish; in fact, we’re publishing more than we ever have before! Rather, we’ve added video content on top of that original, written content. As a career writer I might tend to personally agree with you on your predisposition towards text-based content, but not every person does… and while that might make them different from you or I, I don’t think that makes them dumb. Consequently, videos reach a very relevant audience. Since we’ve added video content on top of written content, I’d hardly say that we’ve lost our way: in fact, I’d say that we’re broadening our horizons to reach more people than ever before!

    I am interested to hear your answer to Jeff’s question: what articles do you enjoy reading the most?

  • Krash Bar

    Well, you can’t please everyone. I like what you all put up. Both video and written. Personally, I wish you had more videos of “How to’s” in reference to bike maintenance and repair. But hey, I guess I’m just a dim witted troglodyte.

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