In this episode of the Singletracks podcast, we share our tips for improving your mountain bike climbs. Learn about bike setup, component choices, and suspension settings to make your uphill climbs more efficient. We’ll also talk about training techniques, body positioning, and mental tricks that will melt climbs away in no time.

This episode is sponsored by Outerbike.

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  • mongwolf

    One suggestion Aaron made quite awhile back that helped me, being a newer rider, is to push hard on the last hill of each ride. As a newer rider, you probably don’t have the base to push through hill after hill on a ride. So you can pace yourself a bit through much of the ride and then the last hill or two push hard for the conditioning. This has been really helpful to me when riding in Mongolia, not only for conditioning, but also because a lot of my rides are exploratory in small mountains, so I need to make sure I’m going to have enough in the tank to get back out to the starting point.

  • Ted Barkley

    Comments on older bikes, their geometry and design had me thinking. My bike is 21 years old. Compared to current MTB geometry, MTBs from 20+ years ago reveals that were little more than a beefier road bikes.

    Today’s bikes are amazing designs.

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