A big “thank you” to all of the photographers that submitted these awesome photos this week!

Do you have some sweet mountain bike photos? Be sure to submit them so we can consider them for our Photo of the Day feature!

Rider: Mandil Pradhan. Location: Mustang Valley, Nepal. Taken February 2012. Photo: Gaurav Man.

Forca Viola, Italy. Photo: Sergio Barboni.

Trail: Sweetwater Preserve, Tucson, Arizona. Photo: Jared13.

Valsorda – Italy. Photo: Sergio Barboni.

“Singletrack on the beach. Hanalei Bay, Kauai.” Photo: chukt.

Laghi di Pilato, Italy. Photo: Sergio Barboni.

Trail: Fantasy Island, Tucson, Arizona. Photo: RoadWarrior.

Your Turn: Which was your favorite photo this week?

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