I know, I know: every week I talk about how we have amazing photos from all over the world. While normally we do have a ton of amazing international photos, I think this week has set a new record for international diversity: two photos from France, one from Morocco, one from Mexico, one from Italy, one from Canada (Ontario), and one from the United States (Idaho).

As you browse through the photos below, you will see that we aren’t just doing diversity for diversity’s sake–we have amazing photographers from each of those countries that have submitted amazing photographs. Thanks guys for making the Photo of the Day feature possible!

Titan Desert race, Morocco.Photo: Titan Desert.

“Taking in the view on the Col Chesery.” Trail: Champery Via The Col Du Cou, France. Photo: Sian_Hughes.

La Florida, Hidalgo, Mexico. Photo: Andrea Francavilla.

Redentore, Italy.Photo: Sergio Barboni.

“Dropping in.” Trail: Dagmar, Ontario.Photo: element22.

“Scenic uh-traction.” Idaho.Photo: chukt.

“Descending to Barme.” Trail: Champery Via The Col Du Cou, France.Photo: Sian_Hughes.

Your Turn: What was your favorite photo this week?

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