Hey guys, we are proud to announce the roll-out of a brand-new feature on Singletracks.com: the Mountain Bike Photo of the Day!

Each day we’ll select a quality mountain bike photograph to feature as our POD. The POD will be posted to the dedicated Photo of the Day Page and to the Singletracks.com Facebook page. Each week we’ll also publish a blog post with the best photos from the previous week and you can view all the past photos of the day in the gallery.

Today’s photo of the day! Rider: Christian Robertson. Photo: Greg Heil. Trail: Timeline, Evolution Bike Park, Crested Butte Mountain Resort, CO.

In short, if you love taking mountain bike photos, this is a great way to get your photography recognized! We’re also allowing everyone who submits a photo to include a link to their personal blog or website in the photo credit. So not only are you getting your name out there, but you’re spreading the link to your website around too.

How is the POD selected?

There is no single factor that determines which photos will be selected for POD. Some photos have certain defining factors that make them desirable, and other photos have very different factors. However, here are a few key guidelines:

  • Most of the PODs feature someone actually riding a mountain bike, and absolutely all of them will relate to mountain biking in some way. However, having a rider in your shot is not absolutely necessary if you do an excellent job on one of the next points.
  • Your photo has a much better chance of getting selected if it makes good use of basic artistic elements. Some of these elements include composition, lighting, and color.
  • Another way to help your photo stand out is to have the image tell a story. Since this is mountain biking, it isn’t absolutely necessary – pure action shots are totally fine. But telling a story with your photograph can definitely help it stand out above the rest.
  • All photos selected will be at least 900 pixels along their longest side.

Finally, we want to be clear that you don’t have to be a professional photographer to have your image featured as POD… you don’t even need to own a professional-grade camera. If you enjoy taking photos with your point-and-shoot and you think you have a couple of great images, we would love to see them! While we won’t be featuring just any old snapshot, the bar isn’t set so high that only the elite can reach it.

Get Started

So get started submitting photos: upload them to the Singletracks database as you normally would, use the upload form on the POD page, or post them to the Singletracks Facebook wall to get your submissions a little extra attention. You can also submit photos via email to pod@singletracks.com – just be sure to include the photographer’s name, a link (optional), and a caption.

We want to see your photographs, and we want to share them with the world!

More information is available on the POD FAQ page. If you have a question that the FAQ page doesn’t answer, feel free to ask it in the comments section below!

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    I like the idea, as I enjoy looking at a different picture every time I log on.

  • rcraft6826

    yea i also like the idea of a fresh picture, it gets boring lookin at the same old pic every time lol

  • AK_Dan

    How many you want?

    No, really I can imagine your going to be buried with great shots from all over the country, this is a great idea. Keeping track of all the photos is going to be a fairly large task once the pile gets big. I do think there could be some kind of banner or link on the front page to alert new users of the fact that there is a PAD, the MTB photo tab is great but some will be more interested knowing its new everyday.

    I will try to send you some that are a little different from the norm for now-

  • mtbgreg1

    Really, as many great shots as you have to offer. We’ve developed a system for storing and scheduling shots, so we should be able to process a good number of images. And if we have tons of high-quality shots submitted, the more mediocre ones just might not make it.

    The idea of doing a banner on the homepage is great! I’ll let Jeff know.

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