7 Excellent MTB Photos of the Day

What a killer week of PODs! From great work by photographer Chris Martin, a couple of epic photos by chukt, some race shots by Garvin Handley, an XC guy getting airborne thanks to Durango Devo, and finally a lady laying the smack down on a group of guys, thanks to Daniel Christianson’s photo skills… yeah, it has been a big week!

In case you missed any, be sure to check out the past 7 PODs below:

Sheer concentration while shredding urban trails during a Singletracks.com photo/video shoot. Rider: mtbgreg1 (Greg Heil). Bystander: trek7k (Jeff Barber). Photo: Chris Martin.

Max finds a shortcut to the Salmon River, Salmon, ID. Photo: chukt.

Baker’s Dozen endurance race, Lick Fork, SC. Rider: trek7k. Photo: Garvin Handley.

The River Loop, Disco Hill, Salmon, ID. Photo: chukt.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory/Devo Sweet Elite Team. Photo: Durango Devo.

Racing in the Baker’s Dozen endurance race at Lick Fork, South Carolina. Rider: mtbgreg. Photo: Garvin Handley.

An unidentified young lady schools a group of riders on climbing switchbacks in the White Tank Whirlwind @ White Tanks, Phoenix, AZ. Photo: Daniel Christianson.

Your Turn: I know it’s a tough choice, but what was your favorite photo this week?

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