7 Excellent Mountain Bike Photos from Around the World

What an awesome week of PODs we have had! A big thanks to all of the photographers that have been kind enough to submit their hard work for recognition as a Photo of the Day!

Keeping with our diverse international theme, we again featured photos from around the world with locations including Italy, Mexico, Georgia (US), Idaho (US), British Columbia (Canada), and Nepal. It’s so awesome to see riders from all across the planet getting out on the trails and just enjoying the simple pleasure of two wheels on dirt!

In case you missed any of them, here are the 7 photos from this week:

Silver Star Resort, British Columbia. Photo:Projekt Roam.

Costa Carpegna, Italy. Photo:Sergio Barboni.

“The Jesuits’ Mining Ovens-in Mineral De Pozos, Guanajuato, Mexico.” Photo:Andrea Francavilla.

“Near the beginning of the Cohutta 100.” Rider: trek7k.

“Carving it up. North Fork, Idaho.” Photo:chukt.

Rider: Mandil Pradhan. Location: Mustang, Nepal. Photo:GauravMan Sherchan.

Matteo & Peppe, Parco Laga Gran Sasso, Italy. Photo:Sergio Barboni.

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