Vacuum-sealed MTB shoes AND riding at night without lights

I came across a couple of interesting tidbits of mountain bike news this morning that you may have missed as 2007 came to a close:

* What do you get the man who has everything and who happens to rule to free world? If you’re Kozo Shimano and you’re buying for President Bush you get him a pair of “vacuum-sealed Shimano mountain bike shoes” of course. I tried to do some quick research on just what a vacuum-sealed shoe does but I couldn’t find anything. Actually it sounds like something an astronaut might wear if he were mountain biking on the moon. What will the Japanese think of next?

* California just passed a law requiring cyclists to use a headlight and reflectors when riding on sidewalks and bikeways at night. Curiously the law does not require mountain bikers to use lights when riding on off-road trails at night. Guess it’s isn’t illegal to be stupid 😉

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